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"Hello Rico?" - Private Collection - Patricia Nesci


Nesci performs at a University of Toronto masterclass in October 2009. "Hello Rico?" provides a musical (and often comical) depiction of teenagers' phone conversations.

"Quick March" - 15 Pieces for Harp - Phoebe Powell


Harpist Phoebe Powell performs "Quick March" from Weinzweig's 15 Pieces for Harp (1983) at the Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival in 2011. The title "Quick March" indicates the tempo and style of the short piece. Powell's performance captures the desired mood and demonstrates some of the percussive effects Weinzweig liked to include in his harp writing.

"Says What?" - Private Collection - Soprano Maghan McPhee and pianist Lucas Wong


McPhee and Wong perform "Says What?" from Weinzweig's Private Collection (1975) at the Montreal International Voice Competition in May 2009 (live recording). The soprano sings nonsense syllables and emphasizes the phonetic character of the sound with varied vocal declamations, including whispers.

"Why Not?" - 15 Pieces for Harp - Kelly Aminian


Harpist Kelly Aminian performs "Why Not?" from Weinzweig's 15 Pieces for Harp in June 2010. The title "Why Not?" indicates the composer's humour. Aminian's performance expresses the varied moods, rhythmic subtleties, and percussive effects. Listen for the recurring theme that alternates with contrasting episodes.

15 Pieces for Harp (excerpts) - Judy Loman


Performed at the Centenary Concert on March 8, 2013 in Walter Hall at the University of Toronto.


Am Yisrael Chai (Israel Lives) - John Weinzweig - University of Guelph Chamber Singers


Performed at the March 8, 2013 Centenary Concert. Walter Hall, University of Toronto. Conductor: Dr. Marta McCarthy


Around the Stage... (with John Weinzweig) - John Weinzweig interview by Peter Kambasis

A presentation of Arts Toronto, in association with Bravo!FACT, supported by the Bravo! Network and the National Film Board of Canada. Weinzweig discusses Around the Stage in 25 Minutes..., plays the piano, describes his compositional approach to structure in relation to audience reception, and compares himself (a people composer) to Shostakovich (a composer of the people).

Around The Stage... (with John Weinzweig) from Peter Kambasis on Vimeo.



Conversations for Three Guitars - Victoria Guitar Trio

Bradford Werner, Adrian Verdejo, and Michael Dias (VGT) perform selections from John Weinzweig's Conversations for Three Guitars (1984): IV. Disaccord, V. Entente cordiale, VI. Parting Words.

Divertimento No. 1 (excerpt) - Robert Aitken (flute), Weinzweig Centenary Chamber Strings, Victor Feldbrill (conductor)


The full Divermento No. 1 was performed at the Centenary Concert on March 8, 2013 in Walter Hall at the University of Toronto.


Divertimento No. 3 (excerpt) - Bianca Chambul (bassoon), Weinzweig Centenary Chamber Strings, Victor Feldbrill (conductor)


The third movement of Divertimento No. 3 was performed at the Centenary Concert on March 8, 2013 in Walter Hall at the University of Toronto.



Barry Avrich interviews John Weinzweig

Watch footage of an interview of John Weinzweig with Barry Avrich. Weinzweig discusses influences, music, and family.

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TSO celebrates Weinzweig at Luminato

The TSO is playing catch-up, having neglected to mark the 100th anniversary of his birth in 2013.

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Olympic Throwback

John Weinzweig won a silver Olympic medal in 1948. For music. Learn about the history of non-sport Olympic medals.

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Marielle Groven wins SOCAN Foundation's John Weinzweig Grand Prize

Groven is the sole winner of the $3000 Grand Prize for best overall work submitted in the competition for her work entitled Animaris Currens Ventosa.

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John Weinzweig Legacy Plaque

On March 11, 2013, Heritage Toronto unveiled a Toronto Legacy Plaque to commemorate John Weinzweig.

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