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Fanfare (1943, Revised 1963)

Weinzweig decided Fanfare to the “defenders of Stalingrad and Leningrad,” who in 1943, were fighting hard against Nazi Germany and its allies.
Fanfare is typical of its genre, as it is a short work for brass (and optional percussion) that displays what Edward H. Tarr calls “a ceremonial flourish.”

Chamber Ensembles

Woodwind Quintet (1964)

The Woodwind Quintet demonstrates Weinzweig's interest in both 12-tone compositional technique and jazz elements.

Chamber Ensembles

Pieces of Five: 37 Events (1976, rev. 1991)

Weinzweig describes Pieces of Five as “a series of short-long, fast-slow, soft-loud actions that explore brass timbres and rhythmic interactions in a framework of dialogues.” He allows each performer to shine, but he gives particular emphasis to the tuba. Pieces of Five focuses on the relationship between instruments: for example, Weinzweig frequently indicates “non synchronised,” which creates some indeterminacy in each performance.

Chamber Ensembles

Variations for Louis Applebaum (1980)

The title refers to Canadian composer Louis Applebaum (1918-2000) who was among the first members of the Canadian League of Composers. He also served as chairman of CAPAC (1965-70) and established the Stratford Music Festival. Variations for Louis Applebaum was premiered by the Canadian Brass on July 3, 1989.

Chamber Ensembles

Jammin` (1991)

"Jammin'" is Weinzweig's contribution to the collaborative suite, Celebration.